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An Enduring Commitment to Surgical & Teaching Excellence

The UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society is the alumni society of the UCSF General Surgery and Plastic Surgery Residency Program and is comprised of residents who graduated the program and associate members. Dedicated to surgical excellence, the society has long served as a forum fostering collegiality between surgeons in multiple diverse settings, from academic medicine to bustling community practices, nationally, internationally, and in the developing world.

Educational Advancement

The society is strongly committed to the educational advancement of UCSF general surgery residents. At annual meetings, the professional education of society members is enhanced through presentations highlighting advances in the field and and frank discussions involving diagnosis and surgical treatment.

Loupes Presentation and Naffziger Day 2019

View the full program of this memorable day.
Learn more about our namesake, Howard C. Naffziger

A Strong Enduring Connection

The Naffziger Society promotes a strong didactic bond between residents emerging from years of intensive training at UCSF and their — past, present and future. Members have conveyed the sentiment that their successful careers were directly related to the training that they received at UCSF. Indeed, the society helps to cement these relationships as they extend outward and beyond the Bay Area, UCSF-trained surgeons carrying the torch of surgical excellence as they fan out nationally and internationally and serve as leaders in their institutions and communities.

Collaboration with the UCSF Department of Surgery

In 2013, the Howard C. Naffziger Surgical Society became the UCSF Naffziger Surgical Society, a name that better reflects its close relationship to the UCSF general surgery residency program. The Society and Department of Surgery co-host an educational program that includes the Naffziger didactic program within the Department’s annual Post Graduate Course.